Changing Things Up

I like to change things up.  I hate when things are always the same.  I get bored very easily.  Lately, the part of my life that needed changing up was my exercise routine.  My writing is always different, so that part of my life did not need changing.

I do not run.  I do not job.  I have never been a fan of either of those activities. I like to move and to dance, but sometimes it's hard to fit those activities into my life.  So, this summer I decided to jazz up my exercise routines.  I ride my bike - usually about 16 miles.  Sometimes I ride around the park while my daughter is swimming laps and sometimes I ride through the forest preserves.  I like the way nature surrounds me during these times.  While riding through the forest preserves I get to see deer and chipmunks and other animals (If I'm lucky).  At the park, I am surrounded by squirrels.  Apparently the squirrels have had a great time reproducing this past winter because there are dozens of them all over.

I also like to speed-walk.  Now, this is not that speed walking you see on television.  I use arm motions and walk to be beat of my music blaring through my ipod.  I have put together playlists to help motivate me during these times.  Sometimes I will pause at the playlot area and do step aerobics to switch things up.

I have also come to love my Kinect.  I purchased two different programs that I use.  One is the Biggest Loser and the other is Zumba.  I love Zumba.  I can pick whatever length and whatever type of music that piques my interest.

The last type of aerobics I have been doing lately, since it is summer, is water aerobics.  I have a pool in my backyard and I have been getting the most out of it while I can.  Sometimes I do a combination of the different exercises depending on my mood.

I planned on bike riding tomorrow, but my friend just informed me it is going to rain tomorrow.  Looks like I will be switching it up once more.

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