Project Runway and other shows

I love watching Project Runway!  Not only is it a wonderful study in personalities, it is fabulous to see how they design clothes that speak to different people in the world.  Tonight's show was about creating a design for woman on the go.  I like when the designers create a story for the woman who would wear their clothes.  It's like they are creating a heroine for a story.  "this woman would be working in advertising during the day and is going out on the town with her gal pals" or something like that.

It just goes to show that everyone is a storyteller in their life.

There are several shows like Project Runway that I like to watch because it gives me a glimpse into people's personalities.  Many people who watch these shows feel they must be staged.  That the people in them are really just actors who are thrown into a mix to create the most drama possible.  While I can see this could be possible with a few of the reality shows out there, I think in some of them it's too difficult to manage.  I am not a big reality tv person, because I just do not have the time to watch them.  (like you I am writing during my free time).  But I do know several people who watch these shows all the time and feel invested in the lives of the people on the shows.  It's the talk around the water cooler situation!

When you look at the people who are gathered on these shows, they are like a microcosm of most people's workplaces.  Think about where you work (if you work outside the house) and I bet you can imagine your own workplace as a tv reality show.  There are divas everywhere.  There are the serious workers.  There are the non-compliant workers.  There are the back-stabbers.  I bet you can think of several others to add to your list.  You are just too busy sometimes to notice them.

So, next time you are at work, think about how your workplace would make the perfect reality tv show.


Changing Things Up

I like to change things up.  I hate when things are always the same.  I get bored very easily.  Lately, the part of my life that needed changing up was my exercise routine.  My writing is always different, so that part of my life did not need changing.

I do not run.  I do not job.  I have never been a fan of either of those activities. I like to move and to dance, but sometimes it's hard to fit those activities into my life.  So, this summer I decided to jazz up my exercise routines.  I ride my bike - usually about 16 miles.  Sometimes I ride around the park while my daughter is swimming laps and sometimes I ride through the forest preserves.  I like the way nature surrounds me during these times.  While riding through the forest preserves I get to see deer and chipmunks and other animals (If I'm lucky).  At the park, I am surrounded by squirrels.  Apparently the squirrels have had a great time reproducing this past winter because there are dozens of them all over.

I also like to speed-walk.  Now, this is not that speed walking you see on television.  I use arm motions and walk to be beat of my music blaring through my ipod.  I have put together playlists to help motivate me during these times.  Sometimes I will pause at the playlot area and do step aerobics to switch things up.

I have also come to love my Kinect.  I purchased two different programs that I use.  One is the Biggest Loser and the other is Zumba.  I love Zumba.  I can pick whatever length and whatever type of music that piques my interest.

The last type of aerobics I have been doing lately, since it is summer, is water aerobics.  I have a pool in my backyard and I have been getting the most out of it while I can.  Sometimes I do a combination of the different exercises depending on my mood.

I planned on bike riding tomorrow, but my friend just informed me it is going to rain tomorrow.  Looks like I will be switching it up once more.

Take care,


Always editing

Reading other people's books for pleasure is very difficult when you're a writer.  You can't help analyzing every aspect of the book as you read it.  There have been many times when I thought I would just read for fun, but then before I knew it, I was thinking about the opening scene.  I began to take note of the hero and heroine's character points.  I know you do this too.

I have also noted how I look at movies.  Apparently I do the same thing while watching them.  I look at the characters and wonder about their arc.  I analyze the setting and think about all the inconsistencies.  I listen closely to the dialogue and think - who in the world wrote that OR wow, that was awesome.

Just curious - do you do this as well?