Great Quote

I was looking for a quote when this one inspired me to write more.  Not necessarily write more of my  novel, but write a commentary on the quote.

"In Hollywood the woods are full of people that learned to write but evidently can't read.  If they could read their stuff, they'd stop writing."

These fabulous words were written by Will Rogers who was an actor in the 20s and 30s who became known for his humor, although if you ask people today, they will not know him.

So, why do I like these words?  Think about it - how many times have you watched a movie and thought - the dialogue stinks?  Or by the time the movie ended you thought the plot had far too many holes in it?  Or you just don't believe the character would do that?

You know exactly what I am talking about?  You have sat through one of those movies.  Okay, you've sat through dozens of those movies.  And each time, you wondered how someone could be paid money for writing that drivel.  I will not name names here, or mention movies where this has bothered me.  That would not be nice.  And since we are all in the business of writing, it would be unfair to pick on someone so blatantly.  Besides, I have read more times than I could count that scripts go through several writers.  One writer will start the script, then get fired, then another will continue it but also get fired.  Sometimes a script will have so many writers that it's difficult to recognize the story (especially if it's been a book).

I think the authors who retain their rights so if the story is bought for a movie have the right idea.  I cannot imagine how a book author must feel watching their story unfold on the screen and thinking - hey, that's not my dialogue.  Sometimes the authors even have it as part of the contract that they will write the movie or miniseries.  This is smart on their part because they have that control.  Others do not do this and have learned to walk away with their pockets full and not care if their story is butchered.

Personally I would hate for my book to be made into a movie and it read - based on the novel by Vivienne Courtoise and then have the critics declare the story sucked when I had no control over it.  Therefore, I believe that when I sell the rights of my books to Hollywood, I will be sure to retain some creative control over the script.

Just a bit of food for thought,


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