The Time Has Come

The time has come for a new romance movie to come out.  While I loved the Avengers, it wasn't romance.  I miss watching historical romance movies.  I know those movies do not make much money in the theaters, but I personally do not think there is a better way to see them than on the big screen.  Can you imagine Gone With the Wind, the Phantom of the Opera, or The Duchess just going to DVD first?  I surely cannot. They need the grand sweep of the big screen.  I miss that.

Tonight I am watching the remake of Jane Eyre.  It was done in 2011.  Of course I am seeing it on HBO and not in the movie theater, but at least I am getting to see a beautifully written story with amazing acting that will sweep me away to another time period.

I think the world needs a lovely romance to show everyone love does exist in the world.  We are inundated with science fiction, horror stories, and action dramas with blood and gore. Since I write historical romance novels, I think the time has come for one of our beautiful novels to be made into a movie for the big screen.

That said, tell me which of your favorite books do you wish to see made into a movie?  Which book would you flock to see? I know many romances have been made into tv movies for the Lifetime channel, but I believe a sweeping romance is necessary.

Leave me a message - what movie would you like seen in the theaters?  Which contemporary author's story would you like made into a movie? Julia Quinn, Madeline Hunter, Mary Balogh, or Eloisa James?

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