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If you like heroes, you probably saw my recent post about the King Arthur movie.  Well, now I have another one to add to the list.  Filled with great male leads who will melt your pants.  Okay, well maybe not all of them, but I guarantee that one of them will make you go 'Yeah, baby, do that again'.

Tell me you were one of the millions who saw The Avengers this past weekend.

If you were living in a cave or you are not into pop culture or comic books, then you missed a real treat.  If you want to see the perfect stereotypes for male heroes, then you have to go see this movie.  I know you love a good strong male lead.  I know you love a man who is tender, yet can beat the pulp out of a bad guy at the same time.  Then there is absolutely no excuse whatsoever why you have not gone to see The Avengers.

Let's take a look at the male heroes in this movie:

Nick Fury - who does not love a man with eye patch?  Not only that, but he has a secret past that is simply hinted at and you know you want to be the one to unlock that secret, don't you?  He's enigmatic. He has a secret yet he's strong and can pull all of these men together with aplomb.  Well not always.  He is dealing with mega-egos over here, but he knows the men well enough to know they will eventually join forces with him if he dangles the right carrot under their noses.

Bruce Banner - aka - the Hulk - who does not love Mark Ruffalo?  He does a great job playing the mild mannered scientist who is trying to hide from the world.  A man tormented by his curse.  A man who feels he is unlovable and yet wants to join forces with the others.  He understands the power he keeps hidden.  He knows how to tap into it and when.  He also knows that evil forces will try to use him to their advantage.  He also knows the good guys want to use his power as a weapon as well.  He is a genius after all.  Does he come through in the end?  Does he show up when the world (or Manhattan) is being destroyed?  Watch the movie and find out.

Captain America - a man from another time period.  A man who believes that no matter the person's size, they should stick up for the little guy.  A man who does not see size as a reason to not fight.  He's the oldest one in the bunch (even though he looks so much younger - science is marvelous, isn't it?) and yet he has no problem stepping into the fray with each man who has powers that would seem to surpass his.  As a matter of fact, he so strongly believes in America and the American way that he appears a dinosaur to the other men.  Ah, but the ladies love him.  Unfortunately his love interest died while he was in a frozen coma.  His poor heart needs mending - so which lady is willing to go out on a limb for Captain America?

Thor - okay, who does not like a demigod with long blond hair and a dazzling smile?  Not to mention he's already gone through his arc so he's ready for loving.  Oh, wait, he's in love with Jane, but he cannot have her and she's off on some assignment far away, but he still pines for her and still wants to protect her and her world.  There's a man for you.  Of course it helps that he has great biceps and can swing that hammer around so readily.  Just wait until you see the relationship between him and the other men (or should I say their egos.)  Loved when he walked into the pet store in the original movie and asked for a horse.  Priceless.  Nothing was going to stop him from returning to his family and helping those he loved.  There's a hero worth fighting for.

Tony Stark - millionaire playboy (oh wait, he's with Pepper now), a reformed playboy who has a smart mouth and loves to tick people off.  Don't we wish all of our heroes had such witty dialogue and fantastic comebacks?  Comic relief, yes, but you can see in this movie he has a heart - and not one that is machine driven - but he has feelings.  You almost need someone with his ego in this kind of movie to keep the rest of them pushing toward a single goal.

Hawkeye - the hero who turns villain who turns hero again.  He was introduced in the Thor movie and we really did not get to see his personality much.  In this movie, you learn he has a past with Black Widow that intrigues you. Don't you want to know more?  I hate movies that leave me hanging and yet, in this case, I am willing to wait to see what drives this man who is wickedly accurate with the bow and arrow.  By the way, when you see it, you will chuckle over the reference to Legolas Tony Stark gives him.  A deadly man with a softer side, but one he does not show to many people.  As Shred would say - he's like an onion - you have to peel back the layers.

Phil Coulson - otherwise known as Agent Coulson.  You know you all like him.  A beta hero who is always there at the right time.  The man who has to do the dirty work for the secret organization but who does not want to hurt others, but has a job to do.  He's a gentle man who must have a family somewhere in the wings.  Don't you just picture him with a wife and at least three daughters?  I don't see sons, but daughters - yes, because he's just so nice.

Loki - I know what you are saying - he's not a hero.  True, he's the villain in this story, but he also has layers.  Can you imagine learning at the ripe age of twenty-something that you were adopted.  Oh, wait, not adopted, but ripped from your father's arms and raised by a god who doesn't like your daddy.  So, he has major issues.  A wicked sense of humor and while he loved his brother, Thor, now he hates him because he was always the chosen one.  Typical second son syndrome, don't you think?  You love hating him and you love him at the same time.

So, have I convinced you to see the movie yet?  You have to go see it for research.  Honestly - think of it as a chance to see different heroes and their arcs.  Convince yourself that looking at all those biceps and listening to them banter is so going to help you write your next hero.  Trust me, it will be worth the money.  As a matter of fact, I am going to go back and see it again.

You will thank me.


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