Spring Fling in Chicago

As a member of Chicago-North, I could not help but comment on this fabulous blog.  You might think this is a biased commentary, but having attended the conference several times, as well as other conferences across the country over the years, I feel completely competent in commenting with a certain degree of objectivity.  (I promise not to mention too many times how much I adore this city and how much fun it is to live here and do things).

I just received notice on my loop about this blog.  Now, first let me stipulate that I have been to the Spring Fling site before and perused it, but this is a classy blog with interviews with several visiting agents and editors.  For anyone who is planning on attending Spring Fling, this is a MUST visit!  Just click on Spring Fling Blog to open the gateway to great information.

So, what will you find on this blog?

1. Interviews with Shauna Summers from Bantam Dell, Scott Egan from Greyhaus Literary Agency, Ginger Clark from Curtis Brown, LTD., Martin Biro from Kensington, and Sara Megibow from Nelson Literary Agency.  These entries were written by Clara Kensie.
2. weather, airport, and other travel information - a very cute post written by Caroline Walters.

What I like about this blog so far, (because I can see there is a lot to add to it) is how easy you can connect to other information about Spring Fling.  You can register - which is still open until April 1st!!! The price is great, especially for people who have to travel far. And you get so much from Spring Fling.


The editors and agents who will attending - include the ones mentioned above, but also Tera Kleinfelter from Samhain Publishing, Megan Long from Harlequin (and if you entered the Fire and Ice contest - she is one of our final judges!!!! Now I know you want to come so you can meet her in person), Paige Wheeler from Folio Literary Management, LLC, Tessa Woodward from Avon Romance, and Cori Deyoe from 3 Seas Literary Agency (who is also one of our final judges for the Fire and Ice Contest).

Speaking of the Fire and Ice contest - the winners will be announced at the Spring Fling.  I am especially excited about this since I am the coordinator of the contest.  We have been quite busy these past weeks as the entries were coming in.  The finalists will be announced soon, and then those lucky authors will have their manuscripts sent to our final judges.  As I mentioned above - Cori Deyoe and Megan Long are both final judges for the Fire and Ice contest.  Personally, I think it would be fabulous to win the contest AND get to meet the person who felt your entry was the BEST!  Don't you want to come even  more now?


Now, I know you want to know who else is going to be there!!!!  Some of my absolute favorite authors in the world.

Sherrilyn Kenyon - who is NY Times bestselling author of paranormal fiction (although I consider her premier in romance - because who doesn't love a good romance? And while yes, she has delicious creatures in all her books, at the heart of each one is an excellent romance that keeps you turning the pages)  If you are like me, you could not wait to read Acheron's story and were not disappointed when it arrived.  I personally was thrilled to see a man reading it on the beach when I was in the Bahamas.

Mary Balogh - who is NT Times bestselling author of Regency romance.  Here again, I must add that while I am not the biggest fan of Regency romance novels, her books are so beautifully written that I do not think about reading Regency.  I choose her books because of how well they are written.  If I cannot put the book down, then you have a fan for life, whether it is Regency, medieval, or contemporary.

Simone Elkeles - who hails from Chicago-North herself, is a NY Times bestselling author of Young Adult fiction. Once again I must comment that I am not a reader of YA books, but Simone has a way of transcending that genre that keeps a reader captivated in the story.  After all, even as young girls, we were all attracted to the bad boys from school.  Admit it - you were the good girl who just could not keep her eyes off the boy who strolled in late to class, who snubbed his nose at authority but deep down had a heart of gold.


Since of course we are all going to Spring Fling to learn more (not just sell our books and meet our idols when it comes to writing), there are more workshops than you will be able to comfortably fit into your day unless you have figured out a way to clone yourself.

Workshops on Craft and Research Include:
Going Beyond Romance to Writing Love Stories
Man Talk
Packing in the WOW
How to Write it When You Can't Be There
Improv for Authors
Contest Diva to Published Author
From Cliches to Keepers
Can This Manuscript Be Saved
Ghost Hunting Through the Ages
What's Love Got to Do With It? Erotica for Beginners
Make Them Believe It
Transmedia Storytelling
Evil 101

Workshops on Business and Writer's Life:
Chat with Sherrilyn Kenyon
The Road to Becoming a New York Times Bestseller
Headliner Q and A
Agent and Editor Q and A
Fearless and Fun Platform Promotion
7 Sentences to a Practically Perfect Synopsis
The Author/Agent Relationship according to Mad Men
Rejection - A Love Story
Dissecting the Novel
Meet the Press on Common Ground: Media Tips, Tricks and Traps
How to Get (and Stay) Published And Live to Tell the Tale
Blog Book Tour Guide
Break into Publishing!
Self-Publish without Sacrificing Traditional Quality
Making a Career Out of Category
Charms for the Writing Life

Publishing Spotlights
Avon with Tessa Woodward
Ballatine Bantam Dell with Shauna Summers
Kensington with Martin Biro
Samhain with Tera Kleinfelter
Sourcebooks with Danielle Jackson

Fire and Ice
Here is a call out to all who entered the Fire and Ice contest.  Come to meet the editors and agents.  You have worked so hard on your manuscripts, that it's time to pitch them!  Keep in mind that if you are a finalist, you want to be at the reception to hear your name  being called out!  If you are not a finalist, that does not mean you do not have a great story.  Pitch your idea to one of the fabulous agents and editors and watch them bite!!!


There will be over 50 authors present.  Buy their book and get it signed.  Meet your favorite author and gush (yes I said gush, because we all gush when we meet someone we admire).

In conclusion - I hope I have given you more than enough reasons to check out the Chicago-North Spring Fling.  Don't just surf the site - sign up and have a great time in April.  Chicago is beautiful in the Spring.

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