Writing is NOT a solitary occupation

Yes, I am procrastinating again. But I have worked very hard today.  I have written about 10 pages today, so I can afford this brief sojourn to my blog.

So, as my title states - writing is not a solitary occupation. I used to think it was, but 2011 has taught me otherwise.  I returned to my writing group (the fabulous Chicago-North critique group) and I started working with several authors on the side to hone my craft even more.  I started my blogs ((I have three of them - two from my day job, and one for writing).  I joined Twitter (find me at VivCourtoise, and I started my Facebook page (Vivienne Courtoise - find me and friend me).  Finally, I also joined several online chat groups through My RWA which has kept me not only connected with fellow authors, but has allowed me voice some important questions and find answers I never thought I could find before.

In the past, I wrote, submitted my work, and read from books how to improve.  While all of these things were valuable, the most valuable connections I have made have been this year.  Even this year when I traveled to New York, I made some fabulous friends while I had fun.

I hope all of you will agree - writing is NOT a solitary occupation.  NOW it IS time to get back to that pesky book I've been working on.

See you soon,


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