My Bodyguards

I have bodyguards. Yes, I am so important a person that I have bodyguards. Not just one, that would not be sufficient. Not just two, obviously my left and right must be covered.  But I have three bodyguards.  Who knew when I wrote my last post about writing NOT being a solitary occupation, I would have to include my bodyguards.
No, they are not grizzly bears

So, the questions that arise are - do I write novels that force me into witness protection? The grand exposes that when you read them you are shocked. You wonder why did you not know this about your neighbor or best friend. The novel that shows the seedy side of life and that if the person I expose should discover my whereabouts, it would be history for this author.
No, this is not my bodyguard

Do I write novels that are so controversial I have to watch my back? The novels that involve peeling back the layers of life and showing what is really going on. Perhaps I am writing about issues people hate to discuss or are afraid to speak about because they know they will see themselves in them.
Not alive enough

Or do I write novels that expose the deepest secrets of people I know and love? This is the most difficult one. If I write about those I love, but have changed the names to protect the innocent, I would most definitely need several bodyguards.

These bodyguards follow me everywhere. When I go out, they follow me. When I take my car, they insist on coming too. Even when I leave for work in the morning, they want to come. This is the only time I have to put my foot down. I cannot have my day job marred by the presence of these bodyguards.  I have informed the people I work with about my bodyguards. And while many of the stories involving these bodyguards are amusing, I feel they would not appreciate their presence every day. It would hinder my work and their work, and in the end, nothing would get done.
Hmmm - far too long ago

So, who are these bodyguards?

Meet Fox Mulder, Prince Albert, and Queen Victoria. All three are rescues. Fox was picked up about 8 years ago from Anti-Cruelty. My kids fell in love with him and he barked (my husband's one stipulation). After losing Princess (my oldest daughter's dog) last year, we went to Orphans of the Storm and picked up Prince Albert and Queen Victoria.  They were not a matched set, but we made them one. Albert is a poodle mix and we saw him online and fell in love with him.  Queen Victoria had been dropped off that day when we arrived for Albert. She was so adorable, we took her outside to see how well she got along with Albert. She's a Shih tzu.  How did they come by their names?  We tried several different names to see what they would answer to and guess what? He answered to Albert, so the names stuck.  She learned to get used to her name (her old name was Bella). They have made a lovely family and were exactly what Fox needed at the time when Princess died.  The family adored them and still do. They have brought a new life into the family. Each one of the kids has fun with the new babies and Fox acts like a puppy again.
Queen Victoria

Fox Mulder

Prince Albert with my youngest

For me, they have become the new babies in the house and yes, they do follow me everywhere.  They are my bodyguards.

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