Let's Get it Started

I had this great idea today. Not that I don't have great ideas every day. That's part of the problem. I have tons of ideas.  My latest idea was inspired by some fellow writers who are doing a Dr. Who project - where they are skipping from blog to blog.

Since I am a historical writer - let's travel through history together.  Everyone who is interested in blogging about a different time period should let me know what time period they would like to discuss. With so many time periods to choose from, this could be a great leap frog event!  Every month we will speak of a different time period - moving from Medieval times to the Renaissance to the Age of Discovery and more.

Here's my question - if I set up the time periods - who wants to join me on this journey for the year?

What is involved - you have to post something each month about your favorite time period.

Let's start the year off with a bang - I need twelve writers interested in taking this journey through the years (or our year 2012 - what a perfect way to do this - twelve time periods in twelve months during the year 2012?).

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