I hate this word. Procrastination.

According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, procrastination is the act of putting off intentionally and habitually; the act of putting off intentionally the doing of something that should be done.  The origin of the word is from the Latin - procastinatus - from pro (forward) and crastinus (of tomorrow).  The word was first used in 1588.

So, you are probably wondering why I hate this word. I hate it because it is so easy to do. You know exactly what I mean. Right now I am procrastinating by writing about the word procrastination. What I should be doing is editing my book.

Oh, I can justify what I am doing now by saying that I already worked about six hours on my book today. I could say I worked on my three blogs today. I could say I did research for my book today to make it more authentic, but in reality, at this very moment, I am procrastinating. I know I am doing it.  I choose to do it.  And, just so you know, I do it very well.  I am an expert at this.

Most people would not think I am good at this. Most people think I get too much done each day as it is. Some people think I spend too much time doing stuff like this and not relaxing.  That's a word for another day.

I can list a million things I do during the day to procrastinate. But here are just a few:
- I play Scrabble online with friends (you know exactly what I'm talking about)
- I check my emails (I have five email accounts)
- I check my Facebook(yes, I have a Facebook account, but I will be honest and say I DO NOT read all the news feeds)
- I check my Twitter (I call this using social media to enhance my career, so I guess it's good for me)
- I play with my dogs (a stress releaser, but still procrastinating)
- I will walk into the kitchen at least a dozen times, thinking about what to make for dinner (then make nothing - I hate cooking)

So, how do I get my writing done?  I maximize the time I do write. I know what I want to write, and then I write it.  If you told me - you have until tomorrow at ten o'clock to get 5 pages written, not only would I have the 5 pages written, but I'd probably have 5 more done, just because.

This is where I would add another word I have been accused of being - over-achiever.  This is a word for another day as well.

SO, as the year 2011 comes to a close - I can be honest - yes, I did procrastinate at times (well, more than a few times), but at the same time, I will admit I did make my goals.  I wrote 2 complete novels, submitted to 16 contests, and have attended my meetings regularly. I even traveled to more locations this year than I planned.  What's missing?

Publication.  (definitely a word for another day.)

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  Let's welcome 2012 by conquering that silly word - procrastination - oh wait, I'll work on that tomorrow - it's not 2012 yet.

What Did You Do?

This past year was a busy one for me. I did more this past 2011, than I have in most years. I saw this idea about creating a photo journey of what I did this year (or where I've been).  These aren't even close. I'm still looking for the pictures from my cruise, but at least you get an idea of how busy I was.  Enjoy this photo journey.