Have you heard of this before? NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month.  I heard other authors doing this before in the month of November.  They agree to write a novel during the month of November.  At first I thought WOW, this is quite an accomplishment.  Other authors have done a novel in a week, and that is what I call insanity.  If you’re lucky you write over 50 pages a day so you can get a 400 page novel finished.  If you are not prolific, this is near impossible.  I also worry about the quality of the work if the author is rushing to get it finished so quickly.  Not that writing 50 pages a day is impossible.  On the contrary, I myself have sat down more than once and wrote 50 pages a night. The novel ended up being 861 pages long and was more a family saga, but I was so motivated to write, I could not stop.  This was my first historical romance – and I have to admit it wasn’t the best.  Everyone had a point of view.  This was before I learned what POV was and how to use it to my advantage in a story.  Someday I will sit down and revise the entire book.  But not this month.

This month I am writing a new novel.  I decided to tackle the job of writing Robert Wellbourne’s story.  This is the prequel to my Order of the Golden Apple series.  It will be a shorter story – only 200 pages. In order to write the necessary pages I needed to figure out how many pages per day to write.  I knew I needed approximately 1700 words per day which came out to be around 7 pages.  If I could keep this pace, I knew I would finish on time, perhaps ahead of time.  Once I did this, I started writing.  Here’s the ironic part – after I did all that figuring out, I went to my stats page on the site and discovered they do this for the writer.  Not only do they figure it out, the keep track of the words you write, how many you have left, and they have a lovely graph to show if you are on track or not.

Also on this site is a section for writing buddies.  I have to admit something – I did not think about doing NaNo until one of the writers in my chapter announced her decision to try it.  I was hooked.  Of course I would do it too!  Now we are buddies on the site and we can see how many pages we all right during the month.  Six other authors from my chapter are also doing NaNo.  It has brought out the competitive spirit in me.  I check to see how many words they have written and I compare it to mine.  I don’t know why I want to be ahead, but for some strange reason, it really propels me to work harder when I know I am behind one of my writing buddies.

Here’s my question – are any of you also doing NaNo?  If you are, what are you writing and how far are you? (See my competitive nature rearing its head again?)

For those of you interested in joining the insanity, the website is: .  Check it out and start your novel too!

Vivienne J

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