How is your writing going?

Hopefully you get to write each and every day.  I make a point of writing every day.  Sometimes I accomplish more than others.  I think this is the same for all writers.  There are times when we want to write more but life just does not go our way that day. Now, if we lived in a world where we could sit and write all day, imagine how much writing we could get done.  Of course for authors who are published and are best-sellers, this is true. But if you are like me, you have another job that helps to pay the bills until you are published successfully.

In my previous post, I mentioned the NaNo. For me it's a competitive thing.  When I am writing I like to know I am ahead.  I never like to be behind. I know that sounds crazy.  How do we know if we are ahead or behind? In our everyday life we can usually plan what we want to write, but we don't always hold ourselves accountable. Through NaNo, there's an accountability factor.  You have to post how many words you write each day. I know what you are saying - couldn't people lie about how many words they write each day.  You could. You could.  That said, we all know how a person would feel if they lied about their progress.  Eventually the lies would eat them alive.

While I was tweeting today, I came across an interesting tweet.  The 10 commandments of a writer.  I found them through Rachelle Gardner's tweet.  The site is called The Kill Zone and the blog title is "the 10 commandments for writers. The very first commandment is Thou shall write a certain number of words per week.  This goes directly to the NaNo.  With the NaNo you don't have to state how many words per week, but if you follow the chart, you will be writing a set number of words every week.  I love the second commandment - thou shall write with passion.  This is important because when you write, you don't want to write just to put words down on paper, you want it to mean something. The third one is - thou shall make trouble for their hero. This is entirely worthy of my attention because like many others, we tend to write whatever comes to our minds without thinking of the consequences and how it might effect our main characters.  These are just the first 3 commandments.  If you want to read the rest, go to The Kill Zone site mentioned above.

I have found that in writing, just like in weight loss, if you don't make an attainable goal for yourself each day, then you will never really succeed at this goal. Remember that the ultimate goal is publication.  Take those small steps.

At the beginning of the year, I made a promise to myself that I would submit to one contest each and every month.  I have been very good with keeping this promise.  I will admit that some months I did not mail anything out, but I did submit in other areas.  To this I must say how valuable the critiques had become for me.  I read to my group and received critiques from them as well.  I also work with a small critique group.  On each level, the feedback was valuable and helped me polish my work.

Here are some things I realized - I have written for a little while now.  I have several finished manuscripts - some handwritten, and some on the computer.  No matter how much I learn about writing, I am not perfect.  I can always find something or somewhere I need work. Another set of eyes can look over my manuscript and help me make it better.  We are not islands.

So, let's all get back to work.  Let's complete those NaNo's.  Let's submit to contests.  Let's work with others to improve our craft.  And remember that even when we are reading and critiquing others, we are learning what works and doesn't work in our own manuscripts.  Never close your mind to improvements.

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