Are you a sprinter or long distance runner?

I am not a sprinter.  Let me repeat that - I am NOT a sprinter.  I am more of your long distance runner. I am the tortoise who plods along daily, working at it, working at it, until it's completed.  I am NOT the hare.

Some of my NaNo buddies were talking about doing a "sprint".  I guess a sprint is when you sit together for a set amount of time and see how much writing you can knock out.  I learned about this one night at my writer's meeting.  They were getting together beforehand to sprint for about 15 minutes.

I'm glad I didn't know about it until afterwards because my brain works in weird ways. It's hard to force the writing, but one thing I have learned is that if you set aside time each day to write, you can make your goals. I am the type of person who makes time to write. I write each day. I write for several hours each day. Sometimes it's for NaNo, sometimes it's editing something else I've written, sometimes it's my blog I update, but every day I write.

I would compare myself to those kids who play with video games for hours upon end.  You know, the ones whose parents are always trying to get them to go outside and play.  That's me. I was that kid. I was the kid who read all day long - for hours upon hours. I wrote as a child.  I watched old movies.  Whatever it was, I did it for long periods of time and on a daily basis.  You could almost say I was addicted to writing just like people get addicted to drugs or alcohol.  I am not trying to knock down those addictions, but why can't it be like those? Isn't an addiction something you have to do? You feel compelled to do? You have to do or you go crazy? This is my drug. Writing fills my life and gives me a natural high that makes each day feel great.

So, sprinting is not for me.

Although I have to make another confession while I'm at it - I also do not work with a set path.  Many people write their outline or synopsis first.  Not me.  Sometimes I have a general sketch of an idea what I want to happen, but it's usually just the beginning scene and how I want it to end.  The stuff in the middle - the inside of the Twinkie - is totally empty.  I write the story as the characters dictate it to me. Every so often I run into a little speed bump, something that will not let me go on, but once I resolve that issue, it's smooth sailing.

Happy writing.  And if you get a chance to comment - tell me - are you a sprinter or a long distance runner (writer)?

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