New Promise

Nearly 8 months has passed since I made my first promise to enter one contest per month. I often entered two or three per month, so it put me ahead of the game. It also helped because during the month of July I was so busy traveling, I did not have time to enter a contest. I know, I broke my promise, but I really didn't in a way. I worked on my manuscripts. I traveled around the country researching for my manuscripts, and I did tons of editing.

Here's my updated promise - I will still enter one contest per month, but now I will take my previous entries, edit them, and submit them to new contests - hopefully showing how hard I have been working. I hope to incorporate information I learned on my trips into my writing as well. Knowing this, I just have to look over the upcoming contests and decide which ones I will enter.  Currently Harvest Moon has been doing the best in all the contests. I have gone over the critiques from other manuscripts and know what needs to be fixed on them.  Never let it be said that I cannot take constructive criticism and turn it into blooming flowers!

So, it's time to cultivate my garden and do a bit of weeding at the same time.

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