A Fitter You

 Step 1: make small goals – just like you do with your writing. “Today I will write 500 words, so today I will do three sets of 5 minute workouts”!  That’s a 15 min workout!

Step 2: write down your goals and make sure it’s manageable. In other words – DO NOT say I will exercise 30 minutes a day every day.  This will only make you crazy.  This is why the 5 minute workouts are easier to accomplish. I would combine my writing goals with my workout goals.  For example – for every hour you write, you must stop for 5 minutes to exercise.  I don’t mean you do it at the end of writing.  NO.  You must stop AFTER one hour of writing and do five minutes of exercise.  This will keep you motivated and keep your brain focused.  It helps clear your brain of extraneous garbage and gives your body a boost at the same time.  A win-win situation.

Step 3: DO NOT make a personal weight goal or eating goal.  Instead – create a food diary.  This is so easy in the day of smart phones and laptops. You can write down everything you eat in your food diary.  This allows you to become more aware of what you eat and when you eat. Then you can control this behavior better. If you want to be held accountable – here’s what I do – I type it into an email and then I email a friend.  She emails me.  And be honest! Trust me, if you have to tell a friend what you ate today, would you be embarrassed or happy?  This is better than Weight Watchers, Jenny Craig, and Nutrisystem all rolled into one!

Step 4: Choose some exercises you want to do.  I will start you off with 5 easy-breezy ones! You don’t have to do mine, but they are a quick way to get on the path to a well-writer!
·        Table push-ups
·        Chair sit ups
·        Chair dips
·        Lunges
·        Dancing to your favorite song (sometimes this is only 3-4 min)

These 5 exercises will get you on your way to a healthier you! (both body and mind)
Just imagine – if you write 5 hours in one day – you will have done all of these! And worked out for 25 minutes!  You are on your way.

Table push-ups – set hands on the edge of the table, shoulder width apart. Lower your torso until your elbows are at a 90 degree angle.  Press back up.  Repeat for 5 minutes.

Chair Dips – place hands on the edge of the chair with feet below your knees.  Lower your body so your elbows are at a 90 degree angle.  Press up and then repeat exercise for 5 minutes.

Chair Sit Ups – Sit on the chair with legs slightly raised. Back should be at a slight angle but straight. Lift knees towards chest and then lower.  Repeat exercise for 5 minutes.

Lunges – Set hand on chair to balance yourself unless you can do them without the assistance.  Place right leg forward with knee slightly bent.  Lower your body until your thigh is parallel to the floor and your knee is at a 90 degree angle.  Raise up. Do for 2 ½ minutes, then switch to left leg. 

So, just in case you're wondering where did I come about this AMAZING information.  In another lifetime, I was a certified personal trainer. And yes, I would whip people into shape and they paid me to do it.

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