Conference - Day 4

I’m going to be honest – today I played hooky most of the day.  I went to the Empire State building, wandered through Macy’s at 34th street, and then came back for the most inspirational speech I have ever heard in my life.  Sherrilyn Kenyon was the keynote speaker today.  Let me start off by saying that if you ever have a complaint about your life – whether your regular life or your writing life and you hear her speak, you will realize you have absolutely nothing to complain about.  This woman is positively amazing and every step of her life should inspire you to be thankful for what you have in her life and the path you are on. You should never complain about not being published yet or about waiting to hear from an agent or editor.  Her story brought tears to my eyes.  Having grown up in an abusive family and having dyslexia did not stop her from fighting for what she wanted in life – to be a writer.  Not just any writer, but a NY Times bestselling author.  Even after hundreds of rejections and people leaving her life because they could not wait for her to be published, she persevered and made a success out of her life.  If you ever get a chance to hear her speak, do so and then re-evaluate how your life has gone compared to hers.  If you want to hear her speak in the upcoming future, she will be one of the keynote speakers at Chicago-North’s Spring Fling in April of 2012.

After lunch I went to the Sourcebooks signings and have to say how impressed I was with its organization.  The tables were arranged neatly and in a way that allowed for traffic flow.  Even with a news crew there asking Ms. Raccah questions, the ladies were able to navigate the rows with ease and no one was left standing in a line that was too long or took forever.  Very nicely done.
I finally had a chance to meet up with my friend, Lucienne who is also the author of the fabulous series with the teenage vampire – Gina. We chatted for a while and I got to meet one of her authors, Crystal Jordan (Lucienne Diver is an agent for the Deirdre Knight Agency).  Before I knew it, Lucienne had to leave for two publishing house parties and I was off to dinner with Margot.  We wandered about the city until we came to Bryant Park where we have a lovely dinner outside under the trees.  Once we returned to the hotel, we went to the View lounge, took pictures of the fantastic view as the restaurant/lounge made a circuitous route around.  I got to tell Margot about several of my books – basically a verbal synopsis of about 5 finished novels.  I outlined the GMC of the main characters and when I was done, we realized how late it had gotten.  So here I am, typing this up and wishing I had internet so I could post this on my blog.  So, see you tomorrow when I get a chance to post this one. 

In the meantime, I’m going to do some work – type up one of my constant companions – my notebook of ideas.  See you soon.

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