My Bags Are Packed!

Nothing to me is more spine-tingling than the day I leave for a trip!  My husband always teases me about this roving spirit I have.  I remember a line from "It's a Wonderful Life" when George says the most exciting sounds in the world are: anchor chains, plane motors, and train whistles!  I understand completely what he means.  When I arrive at the airport on the verge of an adventure, I know that no matter where I am going I will have an inspiring trip! If you are like me, a writer, you always come home from a trip filled with ideas for new stories and new characters.

When I was younger, the sound was train whistles.  I knew if I was traveling on a train, I was going to visit my grandparents at the shore (Jersey shore it was).  When I met my husband I learned to love airplane engine sounds.  My first flight was to Chicago to visit him.  I was hooked.  I could not even tell you how many trips I have logged over the past 27 years.  In the last three years I learned to love a new sound - ship anchors.  I have been on three cruises and WOW, I would go again tomorrow if someone invited me.

So, here I go, ready to embark on a new trip.  A trip that could change my life. If you are heading to New York - I'll see you there!

Vivienne   xoxoxoxoxo

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