Conference - Day 1

As usual I got up way too early for my trip to NY but just the prospect of seeing the cowboy with the guitar as Cristy calls him filled me with anticipation.  For anyone else who has been to NY more than once we call him the Naked Cowboy.

All my little chicks were sleeping as I prepared to leave.  I guess it’s difficult to say little anymore when they are so much older but I guess like any mother I still think of my children as little.  I don’t think I’ll ever get over the fact that my youngest graduated from elementary school two weeks ago.

So I kissed them all goodbye, a habit I got into early on in my marriage since my husband is a cop (you never know when it will be the last day to see those you love).  Told them I loved them and met my sweetie outside for the trip.  My husband does not like to fly or I would have brought him along for this trip.  My son climbed into the car as well.  Tall and handsome, I can say this because I’m his mother, joined us on the trip to the airport.  Hard to believe he’s only 17, but there you go – life showing me it hasn’t stopped in the least but continued to move on.  My son hefted my suitcase into the back of my husband’s Element and off we went.

First let me say I was shocked by all the limos heading to the airport at 6:30 in the morning.  There must be a lot of executives leaving for work at that time.  I peered into several to get a glimpse and was not surprised to see older gentlemen looking tense as their limos wove their way through traffic.  Just a footnote – I only live 5 minutes from the airport but it took over twenty to get there.

Of course none of this dampened my enthusiasm.  As I mentioned before like George Bailey, I love the sounds of ship anchors, plane engines, and train whistles.

Where am I now? In the air above beautiful white clouds on my way to NY.  We hit a bit of turbulence a while back – the first time I have ever left my seat while buckled in my seat.  A few women screamed.  I didn’t see who they were but unless men scream like women, I would venture to say the women were a bit put off by the sudden drop in altitude.  My guess is they don’t ride roller coasters like the Raging Bull or it would not have alarmed them so much.

Why didn’t I scream? I had dozed off for a few minutes in preparation for my time in NY because I knew I wouldn’t sleep much.  I was a bit jarred when it was over.  I nervously laughed to my companion (actually just the guy sitting next to me) because when I woke from the midair flight, I bumped his arm, but otherwise the turbulence merely reminded me of where I was.  I don’t frighten easily when I fly.

I’ll be meeting Margot at the airport and we’ll share a ride into the city.

Several hours later:

As all good stories mine continued to progress in true form.  Arrived at LaGuardia and needed to find a bus to get to the main terminal because apparently Delta has its own little area separate from the rest.  I met Margot with the help of Karen Harris and we secured seats on a shuttle.  Let me tell you – this was so much fun!  Our driver had to take a group of people to the pier for a cruise first, but he was exactly what we needed to start our trip.  Animated and filled with NY flare, he told us all about the sights while maneuvering expertly through the clogged city streets like a professional race car driver.  The twists and turns were quickly handled and we got an amazing thrill.  I asked about the Cash Cab driver and our driver joked about hoping to ride with him one day and answer all his questions.

After arriving at the hotel, we checked in.  My room was on the 26th floor with an outstanding view of Times Square.  We ate lunch at the hotel and had a waitress with the most fabulous NY accent.  We knew we had at last arrived!

I have to add a side note – we saw a naked cowboy or should I say cowgirl? She was about 60 something, with her boobs hanging to her navel.  On each nipple was a pasty star!  Welcome to NY!

Touring NY with Margot, whom I soon realized is a kindred spirit, was perfect.  The weather was glorious – only high 70s and sunny! We headed toward Central Park and chatted about Law and Order and how we shouldn’t walk about the park after dark.  We are such nerds!

We were in search of chocolate!  Margot needed chocolate for the champagne reception so the search was on. We found a very nice girl at what used to be Tavern on the Green who looked up locations for us.  Strolling through Central Park was exactly what we needed.  Then we headed toward 5th Avenue.  We passed the Helmsley hotel – remember that woman? The Queen of Mean who left her fortune to her dogs?  Then we saw the Plaza – the place where all little girls hope to be married in June (remember that movie?).  Along the way we were accosted by many men trying to sell us something.  Did we scream tourist or what?

At the Plaza we saw Kirsti Alley who looked fabulous!  I guess Dancing with the Stars works!  We arranged to have High tea on Friday and then we returned to 5th Avenue.  Talk about shops! Bergdorfs, Tiffany, Harry Winstons (we wondered if we could get our jewels for the reception on Friday from there), and more.  You name it, we saw it! 

And we found chocolate! Bought sooooo much chocolate!

We went into St. Thomas’ and St. Patrick’s cathedrals and said a prayer and, after admiring the architecture, took pictures (discreetly).  Then we saw Rockefeller Plaza and took the appropriate pictures with the golden statue behind us.

Have you had enough?

Neither had we.  We dropped off the chocolate to find a lovely tray for Margot of Margaritas and water, which we decided to enjoy later.  Back at Times Square we went to Juniors to eat their famous steak burgers!  We of course had to walk it off!  Strolling along (doesn’t sound like we’re working anything off, does it?) the theater district we found our theaters for the upcoming plays as well as Sardi’s for dinner.  We also stumbled across a place where I ate before – Pigalle’s and decided to enjoy breakfast there the next day.

Back at Margot’s room we worked on her pitches.  To our surprise, after tweaking Nickolai’s story it was after 11!  Talk about a full day!

I returned to my own room and worked on my own stuff, called my sweetie to tell him of my day, and showered.  One a.m.!  Ready for bed and ready for the next day.

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