Show, Don't Tell

Show, don’t tell is a mantra I have heard ever since I was young.  Even as a child learning to write in a classroom I remember my teachers telling me “Show don’t tell”. As a child we are told to add adjectives to enrich our writing.  So we add them – almost to the point of ad nauseum. For example we were told to write “The small white dog ate the dry brittle bone”.  This is just adding adjectives.  Not once do I show you what’s happening.  All I am really doing is describing what I see but not really bringing it to life.  So, how can I make this better? What exactly does it mean to show not tell? Time for a little exercise – I want you to show me, not tell me.  Post your best way to show me the following statement in less than 400 characters:
The girl sat at her desk staring at the teacher.
Make me want to turn the page and read more.  You have until Monday, May 9th at midnight. I’ll announce the winner the next day.  Good luck!

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