The Fit Writer

Writing is a solitary and sedentary life. We spend an inordinate amount of time before our computers writing. We sit on our bums and type away before computer screens for a good majority of the day using our imaginations and our fingers. Unlike many other jobs out there, we do not get up and walk about for hours upon end. We do not interact face to face with people on a constant basis. We interact via our computers through social networking, instant messaging, skype, and text messages. We may even pick up the telephone and speak to someone on the cell phone, but most of the time, we are in one place for a long period of time. We all know this to be true.

A while back I was a personal trainer (I know this was another lifetime for me). One of the things I noticed happened to many women who came to see me was "splatter butt". This was the ever expanding area of their bottoms due to sitting for prolonged periods of time in a chair. We all know what it looks like. Well, we don't know what OURS looks like because we refuse to look down there, but it exists. It's that part of our anatomy we refuse to see until we are walking along with a friend or loved one and suddenly see our reflection in a window. Then we cringe because we realize we have now inherited the dreaded "splatter butt".

So how do we keep fit? How do we get rid of this awful addition to our bodies? I have read some writers have constructed desktops for their treadmills to combat this. Quite clever if you think about it. Personally I am not coordinated enough to accomplish such a feat so I have to resort to actually putting down my laptop for a set amount of time each day and moving my patookus so I do not get the dreaded "splatter butt". I even created a workout routine for fellow writers so they would avoid this happening to them.

Just out of curiosity – tell me what you do each day to keep yourself fit. Post a comment to say what you do? Do you walk? Run? Do fitness tapes? Do you "Dance with the Stars"? What keeps you from accumulating the dreadful "splatter butt"?

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