Vacation is good for the writing soul

Sometimes you just need to take a break. A mental and a physical break from the writing. That's what I thought I was going to do. I packed my Kindle and went off on vacation. I downloaded several books, prepared myself for a week's worth of endless reading and thought "I am going to give my brain a break". It was a good thought. I'm sure many of you have done the same thing. I felt a need to recharge my batteries. A need to make sure I was on the right track with my book which is almost finished. I had never written a book with a ghost and dream travel before, so I wanted to be sure I was on the right track. So, with time away, I figured my head would clear and I would get a better picture of the story. I took a notebook along just in case I got some ideas to help me out.

My notebook and not my Kindle became my best friend on this vacation. Oh, I pulled out the Kindle several times, but each time I put it back away within minutes because my characters from my current novel were speaking far too loudly and far too clearly to be ignored. There I was on the plane, ready to take off and suddenly I had the urge to continue my story. How I wished I had brought my computer along but since I did not, I had to resort to the old fashioned way of writing – a notebook and pen. Before long, I had written 14 pages worth of notes to bring back with me. But I was far from finished. The next day as I sat on deck, soaking up the sun, I was hit with even more ideas and more notes of things I wanted to tweak when I got back. So, there I was writing again. Another ten pages of notes later I decided I should probably turn over so I wouldn't burn. Too late, my back was nice and toasty.

Pull out the aloe vera and get back to work.

Every chance I got I wrote down more notes. When I wasn't dancing or snorkeling I was writing. Before I went to bed every night I would pull out my notebook and write some more. I was truly inspired. Perhaps it was the Caribbean air that made me long to write. Perhaps it was not the lack of distractions – like television, children, a telephone. Or perhaps my mind was decluttered enough that it could focus on the story. Whatever the reason I relished every minute of it and let my mind just go.

Then something extraordinary occurred. I came up with another story. At first I thought it was going to be the next story in the series but before long I had completely outlined a different story. A story with paranormal elements. Now this was an area I had never dabbled in before, and yet it continued to just sail through me as if I knew exactly how to write it. I jotted down all the notes. I spent an entire day outlining this particular story. I don't even have names yet, but I have the story outlined from beginning to end as well as the main characters' GMCs. If I have learned anything over these past years it's to never doubt myself when inspiration strikes. Remember in an earlier post I mentioned inspiration comes in many forms? Well this time it came while I was cruising along the Caribbean.

The next day another story, just as strong as the other two became perfectly clear in my head. Another book in the Order series. One I had previously begun outlining only this time every detail was there. I knew the heroine and what motivated her. I finally knew what would motivate my hero. Once again, the details fell into place and I had no choice but to write them all down. Ten pages later, I understood the sexual tension as well as what would make them change their directions. I knew the climax and I knew the character's main arc. We have to take these moments when they come because if you are like me, they do not come all the time. Also, because life has a tendency to disrupt our writing in the most inconvenient way, we have to appreciate when life decides to hand these gems to us on a silver platter. This week, while floating around emerald and aquamarine seas, life decided to give me a boost.

Who am I to question inspiration?

Now I am home and it's time to take all those notes and put them into action. With my puppies by my side, my husband content to have me in the room with him, and my laptop on my lap, I am ready to tackle what comes next. Thank goodness I have a hero of my own who understands me and loves when I am inspired. If only you could see the smile on his face right now!!!

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