High Expectations - 2

I am a finalist!  That's right.  I am a finalist in the Stroke of Midnight contest with Passionate Ink!  To say I am beside myself with joy is putting it mildly.  My husband said it is the best birthday present I could get.  I could think of one better thing, but I won't mention it here.  

Here I can see the results of high expectations.  Hard work does pay off.  In grand style if we are persistent.  Remember my promise to myself after New Years?  I wasn't going to make a resolution but a promise.  My promise was to submit to one contest a month.  I have done it.  I have been on top of my game since I made that promise to myself.  February - Stroke of Midnight; March - Touch of Magic, Duel on the Delta, the Sheila, and Romance through the Ages;  April - Fool for Love and I'm in the process of entering one more.

Those of you who are reading my blog and are following my progress, I hope you are cheering in your seats because I am jumping up and down.  I know it's merely a finalist position, but for me, this is huge!  HUGE!

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