We have bunnies! Bunnies in a burrow in my backyard. One would think that with three dogs, rabbits would stay out of my yard, and most definitely would not build their burrows there, but they have. We found them quite by accident. We did, not the dogs. Albert, my poodle is always on alert and checking every inch of my yard, which for a city yard is quite large. Victoria is too busy looking pretty and sitting on the deck checking out her kingdom to care about bunnies. But Albert is always checking the area, like a good soldier, he looks for intruders. Fox is getting old, so he doesn't check it out as often any longer. I happened to see Albert standing guard one day over a patch of earth, so I went to investigate and low and behold – several small ears were peaking through grass and fur. Upon closer inspection, I saw the bunnies. Adorable.

Albert looked to me for approval. I have to say I was impressed because the dog has been known to kill rabbits that wander in my yard. He was like a proud papa watching over his babies. He goes outside every day to check on them. Of course, to be on the safe side, I go out there with him to make sure he doesn't eat them. They are defenseless and would not stand a chance. The bunnies only need a little more time to be able to hop off. But how wonderful that we have bunnies in our yard so close to Easter. It's a gift of Spring. New life and possibilities.

Spring signifies that start of warm weather, summer coming, and going outside. Just like you, I am looking forward to Spring. After being cooped up inside for months of cold weather, Spring is our chance to free ourselves of those horrible winter blues. The bunnies bring us hope. So, as I sit here, preparing to work on Ice Moon, I feel revitalized and prepared to write for the next several hours, knowing that Spring is here and soon it will be Summer. If you live in a cold weather locale like me, this is most definitely an inspiring time of year.

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