Snow Day

What does Snow Day mean to you?

To me, it's a chance to recuperate, regenerate my batteries, and to do a bit of writing at the same time.  So, here I sit in my living room while the blizzard of 2011 rages outside my window.  Of course a blizzard would not be complete without having to get up early to drop off my car because the VSC light was on.  Apparently the VSC (vehicle stability control) light is something to take the car in immediately for.  So, knowing the blizzard was coming, I was nervous to be without my own car, even for a few hours.  But I took it in because I love my car and could not bear to be without it for days if the blizzard socked me in.  Not like I was going to drive anywhere with this weather, but I still wanted my own car.

After work, I drove the car they gave me for the day through the blinding snow storm to the dealership to get my car.  Two hours later, I finally made it home.  (It should have taken only 20 minutes on a normal day).  But this was the blizzard of 2011, so I guess I had to make allowances.  Driving along, unable to see the cars in front of me unless they had their lights on, gives one a unique perspective on life.  You don't even realize you're gripping the steering wheel tightly until you come to a stop and your hand starts to ache.

Finally home, I figured it was a great chance to write, knowing my computer had a prisoner.  So, I sit in my living room (isn't this where my article started) preparing to write.  The wind whistles behind me, shaking the window pane as it barrels down the street.  Cars inch slowly by, bumper to bumper as other drivers try to make that horrendous drive home to their families.  The storm has a life of its own.  Have you ever heard this before?

Drifts begin to formulate, covering walkways, bushes, even my little dogs.  The shovels were hard to locate since the wind blew them down, but once found, my son had the dubious job of shoveling the walks and stairs.  I do worry about the dogs - two of them being little.  You see, they could disappear in a snow drift.  The bigger dog likes to hop around like a reindeer, so I'm not worried about him, but the little ones have to wear sweaters outside to stay warm.  Just imagine them trying to maneuver their way to finding a place to squat.  You get the picture.

In the meantime, I relish the idea of being snowbound and forced to write.  No excuses.  House is stocked with food, so children will not go hungry.  Plenty of dog food, so the dogs won't eat us.  Not a pretty picture.  And we have power - so writing is definitely a must tonight.  So what am I doing writing this, when I should be working on my novel?  Remember when I mentioned recharging my battery?  So, I have finally destressed from the long drive home, I've gotten the angst out of my system, I am properly fed (fast food on the way home - hey I was stuck in my car for two hours), and my mind is clear.

Yup!  It's time to write.  And the snow storm of 2011 rages outside my window . . .

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