Do you make resolutions?  I don't.  I have never seen the sense in making a resolution to do something that I know I won't be able to do.  I know that sounds defeatist, doesn't it?  But if you think about it, how many of us keep our resolutions?  I think if we were to do a poll of the percentage of people who really (let's be honest now) keep their resolutions, I would think the number would be low.

So, I thought to myself, what if instead of making a resolution I would make a writing promise to myself.  That sounds so much better.  We make promises to other people, so why not make a promise to myself.

My promise is to submit my manuscript to one contest every month.  Just one.  That's not only feasible, but I can see myself really doing this.  Remember - one key to success is to visualize yourself winning or doing what you want.  I've never made this promise before.  I've submitted to Golden Heart almost every year, except for last year.  Remember the post about life interrupting us?  See, it happened last year.  I have submitted to contests in the past, but just sporadically.  Usually, I just send my work to editors, but one thing I have noticed is how entering contests has helped many of my fellow writers get published.

Since the goal of writing all these novels I've written is to get published, wouldn't it make sense to enter a contest?  Sounds more like common sense, doesn't it?

So here is my promise - One contest per month.

Do me a favor - post your promise to yourself.  What is your writing promise?

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