The Mini Synopsis

For two days now I have been puzzling over the mini synopsis.  For years, I wrote the longer ones for editors - 10-12 pages long.  Now, it seems everyone wants them shorter.  The shorter the better is what I heard.  Of course, for writers, who are accustomed to writing novels - summarizing their books into 1-3 pages seems almost impossible.

I imagined if I had to describe my book to a friend, how would I do it?  Obviously, if I'm going to get my friend hooked, I have to lead with a great opening line - like - Tonight was the night she was going to find a lover.  That sounds great, doesn't it?  After all, what woman doesn't want to just announce to the world she's going to find a lover?

Of course, after I've hooked the editor or reader with that one great line, I have to lead with my characters, while signifying time period, type of novel, and word length.  To me, that's just boring and takes up far too much room especially when I have to be super concise.  As you can see, I like to ramble a bit and add in the flavor of my voice.  Now, that I've gotten rid of the perfunctory time period, type of novel, and length, I can get into character - whose story is it?

Let's say the story truly belongs to the heroine.  Well, if she's going to find a lover we need to establish rather quickly, why this is important and be sure our heroine does not sound like slut.  (Can I say slut here?)  Ah, so she must meet the hero rather quickly or my synopsis won't work.  She meets him and, though quite charming, he is going to change the way she looks at everything in her life - from the color of the sky to how she sees men.  Because she cannot objectify them if she's going to fall in love with our hero.

Now the hero - the man that makes us want to read more.  We may root for the heroine to find true love, but we all want the hot steamy sex scenes.  Admit it.  Our hero needs to be amazing in every aspect.  Not only will he know exactly how to woo our dear sweet heroine, but he will melt her on the spot with just the look in his eye or the smile on his face.    But we have to keep in mind what his goal is - and how will his goal get in the way of heroine's goal.  Then, we must make sure we discuss how her goal interferes with his goal.

Got all that?  Remember you only have 1-3 pages to get all of this down.

Now you understand why it's so difficult to whittle down something that used to be 10 pages into only 1-3 pages in length.  I am open to suggestions.  I've been working steadily on it and it seems the more I work on it, the harder it becomes because I always think of something else to say better, or something I think I should have added.  Funny part is - it's extremely difficult to cut out anything.  Wish me luck.

Keep your fingers crossed I complete this by tomorrow.  It must be in the mail for a contest (remember my goals? Not resolutions?)

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