It Happened One Night

Great classic movie with Clark Gable and Claudette Colbert.  Last night when I could not type or read because I got my eyes dilated, I put on this classic movie.  A poor, misunderstood rich girl escapes from her father's domineering clutches and runs away.  While trying to escape, she meets a handsome, rogue who knows who she is, but agrees to help her.  Of course, she has no street smarts, and without the assistance of this rogue, she might not have survived the trip to New York.  She learns a lot about herself during the trip, as well as other human beings, and falls in love with the rogue along the way.

How many of you have seen or read this story before?  An ageless story that could easily be adapted to any time period and be a successful story.

So, another story idea begins to percolate in my brain, but since I have a synopsis to write, I better get working on it.

Hope your writing day went well.

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