Ideas are Funny Things

People always ask me - where do your ideas come from?

You'll laugh when I tell you where my first idea came from.  My children would watch those Disney sing-a-long tapes (before dvds).  They were watching the one called Disneyland Fun - and there was the Pirates of the Caribbean song - Yo Ho, Yo Ho!  While watching the song, I saw one animatronic pirate chasing a woman around a barrel.  A sign said - "Wench for a Bride".  I got this great idea about a historical taking place in the Caribbean with pirates where my heroine is purchased as a pirate bride.  Voila, my first historical.

Another historical I wrote because someone asked me if I had ever written a novel during the time of the Crimean War.  I hadn't and I can honestly say I was unfamiliar with the war, so I did research and found I had a great story there.  This became Dance of Love.  My Irish novel came from my husband going to Ireland for a wedding.  I did research and found this particular time period I adored - 1620s, when Oliver Cromwell came through Ireland and decimated it, taking over the estates, giving them to his loyal soldiers.  And as you can guess - another historical.  Whispering Moor.  This one involved ancient fairies.

My most recent idea came from something my son said while we were driving to school one day.  Immediately after he said it, I could envision the book and the characters and a plot began to form.

So, my question to you is - where do you get your ideas?

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