I live to write

If many of you are like me, you were born to write.  Nothing else in this life made sense unless I was writing.  I clearly remember telling my parents when I was in fifth grade I was going to be writer.  My parents laughed and said I needed to get a real job.  Wasn't writing a real job?

At the age of 17 I began to write my first novel.  There in ABC Shorthand class in high school, I used my stenopads to write my first novel.  Two hundred and fifty-three pages later, I was finished.  Whenever I finished a book, my best friend and her mother would read it, begging for the next one.  I was hooked.  I had an audience.  But I wasn't sold.  So, I used it to get a scholarship to college.  While attending Washington College, I would go to Creative Writing classes and get laughed at by the published writer who ran the class.  He was a macho male who wrote westerns.  He said my work wasn't serious and I would never get published.  I would read my chapters out loud during class and all the jocks would laugh at it.  I still kept writing.

My junior year, I met my husband.  We were blind dates - well, someone else's blind dates, but we met and I found my Prince Charming.  The first kiss we shared was magnetic - tingle to the toes type of magic!  To say the least, right after graduation we married and within three months - we were expecting the first of 5 children.  Wow - life moves fast when you're having fun.

To say he's my hero is speaking lightly.  Pregnant and without a job, he bought my first word processing typewriter - you all remember the ones I'm talking about.  All so I could write while I stayed home with the kids.  So I wrote.  A contemporary loosely based in the personnel industry - my first real job after college.  I loved it because my characters got to travel to Paris - the one place I always wanted to travel.

So I kept having children and I kept writing.  Between child #1 and #2, my husband bought me a Tandy 1000 - who remembers those?  I taught myself how to use a computer so I could write my novels on it.  And I began writing.  But I wrote everything in notebooks first, then typed it because I had children running around.  Some days I wrote 10 pages, some days 50 pages.  876 pages later, I had my first historical.  To say the least I was hooked.

More on my journey as a writer, later.

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