Entering Contests

I made only one goal for myself this year - submit to at least one contest every month.  For many writers, this is nothing new to you.  I see all the contests and the winners and cheer for each one, especially when I see Chicago-North members winning their fair share.  For several years, while my children demanded more time than I had, entering contests just did not seem feasible to me.  So I would read my loop and cheer all who finalled and then cheer for all who won.  

I remember a friend who wrote affirmations every day in order to see herself published.  I tried writing them down, but why is it so hard to keep writing "I will be published this year" 25 times every day?  Perhaps it's because it reminds me so much about writing punishments when I was in grammar school. (oh wait, that wasn't me, that was other kids).  The affirmations never stuck for me.  I needed something more.  I needed more time.  I already spent every free moment writing and periodically sending manuscripts to editors, so why was I still not published.

I didn't see it!

Get it?  I did not see it happening.  Does that sound like you?  Boy oh boy, was that me.  I knew I was a great writer, but entering contests just did not seem like something I should do.  Does that mean that entering contests was beneath me?  Absolutely not.  It just meant I just didn't have the time to squeeze that into my life at the same time.  So why is this year different?

I think, and correct me if I'm wrong, but it's because I made a promise to myself this year.  Promise number one - to start attending my chapter meetings on a regular basis.  This was hard to do, but I'm on a roll and I am loving it so much.  I had no idea how much I missed seeing all my writer friends and attending the workshops.  When I went to the national conferences, I felt disconnected - like I was a phony attending something I did not deserve.  Oh, I wrote novels - I never stopped, but I didn't know my fellow chapter members to feel connected.  Now, I do.  

So, my promise to become more involved in my writing - started with attending more meetings and has moved to entering contests on a regular basis.  I've signed up for the national conference in New York and my next goal - to make professional business cards.  

Entering contests.  I fully intend on becoming published this year.  DO YOU HEAR ME?  I WILL BE PUBLISHED THIS YEAR!

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