Book Under Construction

This is my first post.  As a writer, we go through many stages.  Right now, I am currently taking a book I wrote about five years ago, and fixing it.  What am I saying?  Fixing it, is not the correct phrase.  Okay, so here's the story.  I asked a friend to read and critique my book.  I gave them the entire printed version - yes this was before emailing it was possible.  Plus, many of us writers were still resorting to editing hard copies instead of just using a computer all the time.

So, I waited and waited and never got it back.  Finally when I asked for it, I was told it got thrown out.  She didn't think it would be a big deal because I had saved it.  In most instances this would not have been a problem.  I did save it.  Unfortunately my disc (a 3.5 at the time) became corrupted and I could not open it to retrieve all my work.  Oh, I had bits and pieces of it, but not all of it.  So, finally, after years of procrastinating, I decided to get serious and work on this lost book.

I should be honest here - I wrote five books in between, but I just always had this book in the back of my mind and longed to find the lost pages.

Then one day while reorganizing all my novel notes, I discovered a hard written copy of the first fifteen chapters.  I felt saved.  So, here I am piecing it all together and trying to fill in a missing 100 pages.  That's correct, I have 100 pages I need to rewrite, hoping my memory will be able to pull out the plot.  I do have the synopsis, but you and I both know that a synopsis, while a good road map, cannot give you all the nuances you need.

Over the past week, I have written 30 pages and am working on the rest.

My question - has this ever happened to you?

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